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In Treatment ( 3 minutes ago )

HattoriHanzo : now that's alot of episodes per season! gonna give this a try

Kill Switch ( 6 minutes ago )

MovieGuy04 : You lost me at first person camera angles.....Didn't like it when blair witch started this shitty camera style and I've only grown to like it even less over the years.

John Wick: Chapter 2 ( 9 minutes ago )

HattoriHanzo : I don't really care about the action, even if it's pretty good. but the criminal society he lives in is very interesting and I love that about the John Wick universe. with all the distinctive professionals and the rules. also liked seeing reeves and fishburne together in a movie again. worth a watch!

Family Guy ( 14 minutes ago )

FBananapants : It's official. I am going to somehow get that fart medley and make it my ring tone.

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl ( 19 minutes ago )

malaysiaboy : Good movie. Slow and quite but it has a good theme,cinematography and acting, the so if u have the patience,it's worth watching.

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show ( 26 minutes ago )

cuttingup : amazing how brings it back but keeps it fresh ing

Raw ( 36 minutes ago )

Lamontii : Been waiting for this.Cannibalism at a decent rate. "HEY CHEW ON THIS HAHA!" It's complex, energetic, and entertaining. It's disgusting, fascinating, and one of the years best. Good watch!

American Gods ( 42 minutes ago )

Shadowdrag0n : We really didn't need this episode. If you insist on watching it do yourself a favour and skip the first half of the episode.

The Tick ( 44 minutes ago )

dramucom : This was a great series canceled before its time.

Gotham ( 50 minutes ago )

skyhigh : this show is entertaining. i do not recall any show that the villains are so intriguing and fun to watch. i hate villains but i am finding myself liking most the villans way more than the so called good guys. they are funny and very entertaining and so much personality and flair. in the past batman stories i have seen i never really took a liking to the villains. in other movies you might come across a villain or two that you kind of like, but this show i like the penguin,riddler, cat woman is my favorite and poison ivy, butch, sarah, to name a few. i am looking to see how mr freeze and firefly can win me over as well. the villains are just so entertaining to watch in this show. i really do not like the good guys and thats rare for me to say. bruce wayne though i really like and i like alfred but other than than none of the rest are better than the villains

Lucifer ( 52 minutes ago )

Facechanger : Anyone else find the bleeding in the battle kinda worrisome? He's only mortal when Chloe is around and only an angle can harm another angel, so can Maze harm him because she's a demon or is he getting more mortal?

Spirited Away ( 53 minutes ago )

JayDavid93 : Miyazaki always got some powerful magical lady who starts off bad or somewhat menacing, but is just a lonely soul who needs or wants a bond.. At least for this, and Howl's movine Castle.. But, this was a great movie.. I love Miyazaki's films, and I've been sort binging some movies..

Year Million ( 1 hour ago )

MarcoRobin : these people really underestimate the human race or they overestimate what ai can be. we will never be in danger because the emp exists. an ai can only know what it sees and what it sees is and always will be simple. it can't take a photo with microwaves and see that something is a black hole. they can't theorize that black hole is made of crushing gravity, they can't think that gravity was created from a giant mass collapsing inside itself. they can't jump to the conclusion that one could travel through time by orbiting said black hole. they wouldn't even look at the sky if we didn't program them to. weaving together these theories and ideas about how intangible things work is just something that i don't think an ai could ever do. the limits of the most self aware ai will always be obvious because they will always just be mobile stolen knowledge. just because that knowledge can expand on itself and apply itself for a purpose doesn't make it dangerous or extraordinary. it just is. it just exists. being sexually curious, scientifically curious, spiritually curious are concepts that an ai can define but never actually apply or understand. hell even mortality would be beyond their understanding. if you live forever you couldn't appreciate life for a second. if you couldn't appreciate your own life how could you appreciate anyone else's? i see people becoming more machine than machines becoming people in the future. the largest market for ai in the future will be companionship because with everyone buried inside their phones/tablets, human interaction will become extinct. social media is the most antisocial shit on the planet.

After the Dance ( 1 hour ago )

AlfaKay : Loved the tap dancing and the end was sad.

Supergirl ( 1 hour ago )

archymc : Biggest propaganda show on tv that I watch. It really annoys me , but it's saving grace is when it plays up the comedic light aspect of the show, like early Flash.

Bunshinsaba 2 ( 1 hour ago )

BellaMia2 : Personally, I preferred the first one compared to this one. But this was not a bad watch at all. Now once again, there is nothing special about the plot, we've all seen it before, if one is into Asian movies. But, there is worse out there. The subtitles were way too small though, which was quite annoying. A decent one-time watch.

John Wick: Chapter 2 ( 1 hour ago )

toasterfraker : So damn boring and predictable, I fell asleep twice. -10/5

Baby Daddy ( 1 hour ago )

RicanLunaP : Cool episode. A nice reveal here. Loved it!!!!

Pet ( 2 hours ago )

InSpadez : It takes a good 30 min. before it starts to get pretty good. Give it a chance.

Frequency ( 2 hours ago )

Songshadow : This is the end of a good TV show I liked very much! It was so short, and so sweet.

Unwanted ( 2 hours ago )

lhtsfy : Couldn't make it to the end of this atrocity. Rated F for failure.

Supergirl ( 2 hours ago )

Robear2000 : I think Mon-el was sucked into the future. Could the Legion of Super Heroes be on tap for next season?

American Gods ( 2 hours ago )

swans2525 : its starting to make some sence slowly,lol i like this sbow i,m sure its picking up more as it go,s along.i have a good feeling about this one a 4.5/5 for this one.i will give it a chance and it will be great..

Dragon Ball Super ( 2 hours ago )

aeternaqueen : That female transformation though...I was dying...XDDD. I initially thought she was to be like a female Buu, but I guess not. Lolz...As for their current issue, I would say they should resurrect a particular person, but who knows if they are gonna do that.

Why The Industrial Revolution Happened Here ( 2 hours ago )

hollis517 : it was like a perfectly baked pastry -- a certain amount of various ingredients mixed together, baked at a specific temperature for a precise period of time, and voila! you have an Industrial Revolution in the Richest Empire during the Age of Reason. simple. hah! 5/5

Supergirl ( 2 hours ago )

captainbritain : So did Mon-El get sucked into a Farscape wormhole or the Wormhole to the Phantom zone ?? Good ending to a 3 star season.

Free Fire ( 2 hours ago )

vtanisstoll : A thriller that goes down in one warehouse. Not bad for a one time watch.

Kill Switch ( 2 hours ago )

p_jakob : reading all these comments there's one thing which is striking: there's people who love 1st person perspective (ego-shooter perspective) and there's people who hate 1st person perspective. It's actually the opposite of Trump, everybody hates him... but here we're really looking at a bipolar setting of emotions. So let's agree, that this movie isn't made for people who hate 1st person perspective and let's not talk about it anymore. Let's move on and let's focus on all the other elements of the movie. Ok? A-okay?

One Tree Hill ( 2 hours ago )

wayney85 : i think dan is becoming evil again, pretending to be nice

Gotham ( 2 hours ago )

worksa7 : So wait... a small group of cops show up, and he has to panic and escape the scene...but he can walk in against 8 times that many cops and it's no issue. Why did he run the first time then?

Bokeh ( 2 hours ago )

idisagreetoterms : Thought-provoking.

T2 Trainspotting ( 2 hours ago )

AliensAmoungUs : LMAO the puke bag scene reminded me of the first one when Spud's feces ended up all over the breakfast table in the first one. Anyone who's read the books knows that this is just a "catch up see where the characters are". There weren't really any memorable quotes in this one like the first Trainspotting---------------------------------------“Choose a life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television. Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers... Choose DSY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit crushing game shows, stucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away in the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourself, choose your future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that?” ― Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting

The Wizard of Lies ( 3 hours ago )

lowoil : Well this version of the story sure paints the story that all the blame layed on Bernie Madoff and nobody else had a clue. Not his wife who was brilliant and had a master degree to prove it, not his sons, nobody except another sleezy foul mouth fellow. Oddly I don't think Jewish was mentioned once in the movie, the only sign of religion was oddly on the lady accountant that was portrayed as stupid with a Christian cross on her necklace. Well there was mention of **how could you do this to your people** in the dream sequence. Some of the victims were also show as obviously Jewish, but not once did the movie mention the Madoffs were Jewish. Also NOT mentioned was Madoff's wife withdrawing 15 million dollars right before he was turned in. Not exactly something a dumb person who knows nothing would do right? She also got to keep 2.5 million dollars to live on. Yeah, that wasn't right either. What is HBO doing, I don't know. Just think it was funny a person known for playing Italians was cast in this as the lead character.

Better Call Saul ( 3 hours ago )

Blaargh : How to make the best of a bad situation ? Just leave it to Jimmy ^^

24 ( 3 hours ago )

water2whine : WHOA!!! Those hemostats or surgical scissors must've HURT!!! When Jack says I'm not CTU I'll go get him myself -- put it in the bank and draw interest on it! This season is DRIVEN- it jumps from tense moment to holding your breath moment like a fully automatic weapon ... and not much gray at all - you either love these characters or you purely revile them -- incredible writing and acting way above the previous 4 and they were just damn outstanding!

Raw ( 3 hours ago )

SuKi78 : Most remarkable film i watched this year so far.

American Gods ( 3 hours ago )

swans2525 : strange ep i am still trying to get it in the end i hope its gonne get further in the story.and i will get it then i liked it tho,lol good show untill now a 4/5 for me.

Jane the Virgin ( 3 hours ago )

plhabibe : Every time they pull out a Michael memory it gets the tears flowing

Lucifer ( 3 hours ago )

RicanLunaP : That was so awesome!! I can't wait to see what happens in the Season finale this time.

One Tree Hill ( 3 hours ago )

wayney85 : was the start the ending of OTH? It was so confusing they didn't even explain it :/ no wonder it got cancelled bad writting cheaply made its gone downhill what a shame

Billboard Music Awards ( 3 hours ago )

melange6 : Where is the 2017 awards show?

Tanked ( 4 hours ago )

Lixter : What Kind of sorcery is this? this episode has 2 audio tracks. You can listen to the audio from the commercials but they are cut out of the episode as you would expect and when the show is supposed to get back from the break, it keeps playing those completely out of sync, but if you go back and click on the progress bar at time when the audio has nothing to do with the show, it plays along with the proper audio again. Dunno how that even works and I'm not even mad that's amazing.

Kidnap ( 4 hours ago )

hic66 : the ending with the guy was sooo lame. seriously stupid decision from "last man standing".

Jason Bourne ( 4 hours ago )

PerfectSpecimen : That was the worst of the Bourne series. Not only was Bourne looking SLOW (both physically and mentally), but so was Damon. The only reason I watched it through to the end was my hope they'd put a wrap on the character/series. 3/5 for action scenes

Better Call Saul ( 4 hours ago )

arw115611 : Emotional episode at every turn. Loved the ending. Nacho needs more screen time.

John Wick: Chapter 2 ( 4 hours ago )

SD2 : brilliant movie, cant wait for the third

24 ( 4 hours ago )

water2whine : Howdy damn do I have a brand new respect for baby face at CTU just WOW. Uuuuggghh I just want to vomit every time that slimy, arrogant, self-indulgent, condescending, slug of a president is on the screen - gag.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special ( 4 hours ago )

dwolfg : The I'm an alcoholic slut joke told 1000 different ways with 2 minutes of making fun of gun owners and the midwest.

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In Treatment

HattoriHanzo : now that's alot of episodes per season! gonna give this a try

John Wick: Chapter 2

HattoriHanzo : I don't really care about the action, even if it's pretty good. but the criminal ...

Family Guy

FBananapants : It's official. I am going to somehow get that fart medley and make it my ring t ...

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl

malaysiaboy : Good movie. Slow and quite but it has a good theme,cinematography and acting, th ...

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show

cuttingup : amazing how brings it back but keeps it fresh ing


Lamontii : Been waiting for this.Cannibalism at a decent rate. "HEY CHEW ON THIS HAHA! ...

American Gods

Shadowdrag0n : We really didn't need this episode. If you insist on watching it do yourself a f ...

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